Sue Shipman - After 30 years in corporate America and five years as an entrepreneur, Sue was led to find her passion through a journey that started in May, 2005, with the late night phone call that no parent wants to get.

Here's her story in her own words

"For us as a family, May 2005 was the beginning, as is said, of the worst of times and the best of times. My then 18 year old son Sean had finally hit
bottom after a five year battle with drugs, crystal meth being the drug of choice. He was ready - ready to get help and he wanted to go to a detox facility. His biggest fear, at that moment, was that his father and I would want to meet him there and help - he was ashamed and didn't want us to see him in his condition. To this day we are eternally grateful to another adult who was in his life, Dana, whom he trusted, and who was willing to act as liaison and support for him in this time of difficulty.

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As hard as it was for us, we agreed not to go to the detox facility and check him in, what we did do was wait by the phone for more calls from Dana. It was a long, long night for us.That summer was a roller coaster. Sean had taken the first step, admitted he was an addict and was reaching out for help-every parent's prayer. Help came in the form of Neurofeedback. Words cannot properly express how grateful I am that since his first session of neurofeedback brain training in October 2005, my son continues to be drug and smoke free.

UPDATE: On October 28, 2014 Sean celebrated NINE years of being drug and smoke free!

In Sue's desire to share her son's successes with others, in July 2006 she opened an office providing Neurofeedback.

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