When I read Testimonials, I'm looking for people with experiences that I can relate to - you may be looking for the same thing. If you don';t find those similarities in the testimonials below, please call me as I have many wonderful success stories that aren';t put in writing.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Nightmares, substance abuse, depression, angry outbursts, intrusive, obsessive thoughts and images, feeling that my future would be cut short, feeling distant and cut off from others, lack of confidence I had them all. Now, anger doesn';t run my life, I can handle whatever comes my way in a calm, responsive manner. My tobacco and alcohol consumption have been cut in half. Nightmares are gone. My physical performance, strength and stamina in the martial arts have increased. "You've given me my life back."

Frank E., USMC

Anxiety was ruling, and ruining, my life. I had suffered with it for more than 50 years. I tried almost every modality available with minimal success. It took most of my energy just to maintain through my day. I noticed a change after my first neurofeedback session. As I progressed, I felt a calmness that I had never experienced. I now approach life with a sense of self confidence that I didn’t think was possible.

M. E. , Phoenix

Neurofeedback has allowed me to access parts of my potential that I didn't know existed. It allows me to push through issues that in the past would have stopped me cold. The quality and soundness of my sleep have improved which has given me more energy. The power of the visual feedback of training allows me to see the chaos I create in my brain, immediately picture the feedback and I am able to calm myself, just as if I were sitting in the chair receiving brain balancing. I'm hooked.

June Cline

I immediately noticed a reduced state of "brain clutter", a greater ability to focus. I am approaching my goals from a dramatically different perspective and am driven in a greater "success" pattern. I worked through some of my own obstacles to things I wanted to achieve. I changed the direction of my life. Thanks for all you have done for me.

Warmest regards,
Michael Goodman

I am an aerospace Engineer in Phoenix. After my first session, I noticed it was easier to focus and I had an improvement in my memory recall! After the first 5 sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my concentration, and a reduced problem with distractions. I could focus on the task at hand, tune out most of the mental noise, and complete tasks in a shorter amount of time, with improved confidence. Along with this was improved memory recall, and ease in "finding the right word." This has helped in both my professional and private life.

Dave Peterson

My focus and ability to recall the word I am looking for is greatly improved. When talking with colleagues and customers I was stumbling to recall simple words and thoughts. Now my thoughts and speech are clear and concise.

As an applications engineer I need to stay focused on the project regardless of how often email pops up. Look up procrastination in the dictionary and there was my picture. Now I am able to focus on which email, phone call, office drop in will require a later time slot and make it happen. Neurofeedback has greatly improved my work and home life by reducing the noise in my head that was getting in my way.

Timothy Swanson
Electronic Applications Engineer

My experience with neurofeedback has been phenomenal. My memory and sleep have greatly improved. I no longer procrastinate! I am very delighted to have this new way of operating in my life. I used to get overwhelmed with the ongoing "to do" list; now I just tackle it and get it done in no time. I can honestly say that my life has been deeply improved with my experience with brain balancing.

Sara Hosier
Hosier Consulting, LLC

As I was coming out of my first session I began my usual routine of mentally preparing myself to drive, I have had an issue with my clarity of vision driving at dusk & night since my lasik procedure, yet when I began to drive I was totally amazed! My vision had improved drastically and has stayed that way. Brain Balancing is revolutionary, I am thrilled with my results and I highly recommend it.

Thanks Sue!

Sandra Allison
in sight . in mind . in life
480 699 1603

My experience with neurofeedback is nothing short of miraculous. I spent years fighting depression. After only one session I could actually feel a difference in my overall well-being and have it last! I have tried many different types of anti-depressant drugs and even herbal supplements, without much help (too many side effects or no effect at all). The only side effect I have experienced with Brain Balancing is one of feeling like I am alive and have a definite direction and focus. Each session brings a new level of peace and well-being. As a business consultant with my own consulting practice and a past practitioner of massage and a Reiki Master Teacher, I would HIGHLY recommend anyone experiencing any level of disconnect or overwhelm to try neurofeedback.

Sandy Rogers
CNP Triangulus 3 Marketing

Let me tell you - it's amazing work. Each time I walk out of the office, I feel so relaxed and renewed.

I've gained a new sense of calm; substantially less stressed; increased energy; relief of pain from a serious fall; memory improvement; much better focus; broke my writers block and I believe there are many more improvements I haven't even touched on.

I am a proponent of this technology and immediately noted a new calm and relief from tension and stress. Just remember, as with many things in life - this is a process. And I'm here to say that the positive effects really grow with each visit. It's a fantastic process!!!

Diane Zoller
Studio Z Marketing

I used to over think and over analyze everything, which overwhelmed me! After a few sessions with Sue, things in my personal and professional life were a bit clearer, more focused, and I wasn't as forgetful or scattered as I was before, which was great!  

An unexpected benefit was the way in which I was able to interact with my mother-in-law. I no longer had buttons for her to unknowingly push! I no longer internalized her negativity. It was amazing!

I'm a financial advisor.  I used to get bogged down preparing for meetings, always feeling stressed.  After a few sessions with Sue, I didn't second guess myself; I didn't over analyze.  I was able to make my recommendations with confidence and poise, knowing that my clients were getting the best advice to allow them to meet their goals.  This was a huge change from before, where (ask any of my colleagues) I was/am viewed one of the better advisors within the office, but I lacked the confidence and conviction to convey that to my clients. The results:  I hit my income and client acquisition goal for the year at the end of September.  I revised my income goal dramatically, and may fall a little short, but have far exceeded my own expectations for 2007.

L.O., Phoenix

Neurofeedback has assisted me to release some of the deeper issues in my life that have held me back and I didn't have to go through the gut-wrenching emotions!  I love the gentleness of neurofeedback and how you have helped me gain greater insights so I can be more open to even more good and success in my life.

Painful tension in my shoulders is gone, as though burdens of life have been lifted. I have greater compassion for my stepsons. There is a decrease in my intense desire to always be right, which improves all my relationships. I have a greater feeling of safety, knowing that throughout my life I have always been taken care of and that the Universe will continue to do so. I find greater ease in making decisions that require me to let go of the familiar and venture into the unknown.

Because I have been a life success and stress management coach using applied kinesiology with my own clients for more than 11 years, I really can appreciate the power and gentleness of neurofeedback.  I'm so excited to continue to recommend you to the wonderful people who cross my path and who are ready to move on with Life.

I can't thank you enough, Sue, for the difference you have made in my life!  You are the BEST!

Gratefully, Lyn Madaghiele

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