I want to know more before I commit to the program, how can I do that?

We offer a mini-session (sample) that takes about 45 minutes and allows you to experience neurofeedback without any obligation. Although the process can be scientifically explained, there is not sufficient time or words to try to describe the feeling of actually listening to your brain and how that can make you feel. Please call 480.633.7292 to schedule..

I loved the mini-session! How do I get started?

The first step is to make an appointment for a brain map, which takes approximately an hour. The brain map (assessment) is a reading of the energy of your brainwaves in 7 areas of your brain. We have to know where the energy imbalances are occurring in your brain to develop a training plan. Your brain training plan is determined by the results of the brain map assessment coupled with a subjective assessment.

How long is each session?

Approximately one to one 1/4 hours, of which approximately 40-50 minutes is devoted to brain training. The remainder of the time is for discussing the client's progress, possibly adjusting brain training programs depending upon what the client is reporting, moving of the electrodes, and computer set up.

What is the recommended number of sessions?

The initial package of 10 sessions has proven to get over 95% of our clients achieving their goals. Any need for additional sessions is discussed at the completion of initial 10.

Is the training schedule different for active addictions?

Yes. For the client struggling with an active addiction, the training may start with three to five sessions the first week. This is determined individually with the client.

How soon before results are evident?

Most clients report changes following their first session. Each brain responds differently, therefore the outcome is unique to you.

What results should I expect?

Each one of us is a completely unique individual, so results will vary from person to person. The results you find will depend on why you seek brain training. For example, clients with addictions or other issues that are significantly impacting the quality of their lives will usually feel results very quickly, and people around them will notice changes fairly quickly as well. Clients with less significant imbalances usually show more subtle results which are often noticed first by family members, friends, colleagues, etc. Benefits felt by most clients, regardless of the issues that brought them in, are a sense of calmness, relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep, increased self confidence - and the list goes on.

What age must a person be to use this technology?

Neurofeedback has been proven successful in a wide age range. At Optimum Balancing we work with individuals 16 and older.

Is this a magic pill that will cure what ails me?

NO. However, neurofeedback has been proven to help clients break habits and change behavior that isn't working with far less effort and energy. At Optimum Balancing we believe there are no magic pills, however if you truly want to make changes in your life you must look at all of the contributing behavior and how you can make small changes in several areas at the same time. Helping you identify behaviors and small changes to be made is part of the coaching service that is an integral part of the brain training. Depending upon the issues that brought you into the office, we might suggest some other healing modalities to support the changes you are making in your life. However, brain training is a process and you want to be cautious about mixing modalities. If you start more than one thing at a time, you cannot tell which modality is giving you the benefit.

Are you putting any electricity into the brain to make it change?

Absolutely NOT. Is this process safe? Completely. Changes in your brain are achieved because your brain responds to auditory input. The process is non-invasive - meaning, NO drugs, NO electricity into your brain or body, NO surgical procedures.

Who should use this technology?

Neurofeedback is proven to have benefits for addiction, anxiety, stress, depression and many other issues. Whether you have major issues or behaviors that are negatively impacting your life or you simply want to enhance your relaxation, calmness, memory, focus, concentration, meditation, or physical performance and be more confident and clear-minded - it's for a better life.

Do I have to do anything during the sessions?

Your level of active involvement depends upon what part of the brain we are training and what needs to be accomplished. Some training is accomplished with eyes open while performing a mental task. Other training is accomplished with your eyes closed, relaxing and sometimes being coached with visualizations.

Does Neurofeedback interfere with medications?

No, it does not. If you are taking medications, we highly recommend that you inform your prescribing physician that you are receiving neurofeedback. Neurofeedback has been shown, in some circumstances, to lower the amount of medication required. This is a discussion you need to have with your physician. Are there any medications that prevent or lessen the benefits of brain training? Possibly. It is possible that some beta-blockers (usually prescribed for heart conditions) can negate or lessen the benefits. There is no way to determine how an individual brain will respond on these medications.

What about drinking alcohol?

We strongly recommend refraining from alcohol 48 hours prior to the beginning of your brain training sessions and definitely throughout your sessions, as alcohol is known to interfere with and greatly diminish the effectiveness of the brain training process.

Is this process covered by insurance?

Please contact your insurance company and ask if they cover biofeedback or neurofeedback. I do not bill insurance but will be happy to provide an invoice. You may use your HSA or FSA.

What is the cost?

The total cost of your initial investment is $1250. The initial program consists of a brain map, interpretation of the brain map, development of a brain training plan, ongoing coaching throughout the process, and 10 neurofeedback brain training sessions.

Can sessions be purchased individually?

Only after the initial package is complete.

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